Cabinet member in Doug Ford's government resigns after Greenbelt probe

Kahleed cp

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's office says cabinet member Kaleed Rasheed has resigned from his role and from the Progressive Conservative caucus.

The departure comes in the wake of an integrity commissioner probe into the government's Greenbelt land swap.

Ford's office says if Rasheed can clear his name with the integrity commissioner, he can return to caucus.

Rasheed's resignation comes after reporting from CTV and the Trillium questioned the timeline about a trip to Las Vegas.

The province's integrity commissioner in his investigation into controversial Greenbelt land swaps interviewed Rasheed about a trip.

The Trillium had reported that developer Shakir Rehmatullah, who benefited from the recent Greenbelt land swap, went to Las Vegas at the same time as Rasheed, Ford's principal secretary, and as well as his current housing policy director, who was in the private sector at the time.

Rasheed and the two staffers told the integrity commissioner they encountered Rehmatullah there but went on separate trips, but CTV reported that Rasheed, Rehmatullah and the principal secretary booked massages for the same time.