Cairn Christian School temporarily closes to in-class learning due to COVID-19

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A private Christian school in Smithville has temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

A family within the Cairn Christian School community reported symptoms of the virus early last week leading to school officials moving affected classes to remote learning as public health worked on contact tracing. Eventually a number of staff members were asked to isolate.

Executive Director Kevin Huinink says a decision was made on Sunday afternoon to move all grade 6 - 8 classes to remote learning so staff could focus on preserving in-class learning for the younger grades. However, by Sunday evening Public Health reached out to more staff members and told them to isolate as well.

Given the impact on staffing levels, school officials decided to close the school to in-person classes and move entirely online.

Huinink confirm some school staff have tested positive for the virus, but others have only been asked to isolate due to possible exposure. He hopes to return to in-person learning in the middle of next week pending recommendations from public health.

The move to online learning impacts 240 students at the Smithville campus, but the Stoney Creek Campus is still open to its 185 students