Call to rename street after long time Niagara Falls chip wagon owner


A Niagara Falls resident wants to honour a long time chip wagon owner.

Rich Merlino is asking the city to rename a portion of St. Clair Avenue after Jake Hiebert.

Hiebert ran Jake's Chip Wagon downtown Niagara Falls from 1957 to 2015.

He unfortunately passed away earlier this month at the age of 86.

Merlino says renaming a part of the street would be honouring a legend in the city, "I was born and raised in Niagara Falls and I remember going down there with my mother. We would hop on the city bus to downtown and we would get Jake's fries." He adds, "They only had one product, they only had fries they never ventured into hot dogs or anything else, it was just french fries."

Jake bought the chip wagon in 1957 after marrying his wife Amy.

Amy's parents actually started the business in 1945.

Melino says he has been in contact with city councillors and the mayor about the idea, "They all said great idea". 

He has high hopes about the potential of the name change happening, "I am not aware of the process on renaming a street but I am hopeful that city council and Mayor Jim Diodati will take this and run with it."

The discussion of renaming the street may come up at a city council meeting on May 10th.