Canadian couple missing in Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian

ottawa couple

A Canadian couple from Ottawa is missing after becoming trapped in Bahamas during hurricane Dorian.

Quebec mom, Krista Dudley, says she last spoke to her parents Sharyn Laughlin and Denis Dudley on Sunday.

Dudley says "It seems that no one in Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour has been able to communicate anything out as of yet. Hopefully as the storm starts to dissipate and it gets light out, we’ll start to hear something. We are trying to coordinate rescuing them and have spoken to as many local agencies and registered them with Global Affairs Canada. If anyone else has any ideas would be open to hearing them. Thanks"

Dorian is now a Category 2 hurricane with top winds of 177-kilometres an hour.

The storm dumped as much as 89-centimetres of rain on Bahamas with winds gusting to more than 300-kilometres an hour.