Canadian Vaping Association reacts to reports vaping can cause lung disease

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The Canadian Vaping Association is fighting back against allegations vaping can cause serious lung disease.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is asking the provinces to report any incidents of pulmonary illness associated with e-cigarettes.

The request comes after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, reported there have been 450 possible cases of the illness, including five fatalities, involving people who vaped THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its high.

In a release the association says "We are concerned that the lack of information and clarity has both created unnecessary confusion in consumers and as well as the false perception that vaping products are not safe."

The CVA goes on to write, "Vaping e-liquid and it’s four components manufactured in appropriate ratios are not associated with these lung issues, nor any lung issues on record."

The association adds the New Journal of Medicine published findings this month, that found 84% of patients reported vaping THC in their e-cigarette devices.

The CVA has also called on the federal government to enact several new restrictions to provide further protections, specifically to address the growing number of youth who vape.

The vaping group says it is also leading a project in conjunction with the North American Vape Alliance to detail a full set of Good Manufacturing Standards specific to the vape industry, as a means to ensuring product quality and safety for adult vapers and accountability for the industry.