Canadians think the call came from inside the White House: Jan. 6 hearings to resume

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A new poll suggests one in three Canadians have been keeping close tabs on the Jan. 6 hearings in the United States _ and that nearly three in four blame Donald Trump for the riots.
Leger's online poll, conducted in August for the Association for Canadian Studies, found 37 per cent of respondents in Canada and 44 per cent in the U.S. were watching the hearings closely.
Just over half the American respondents, 54 per cent, said the former president is responsible for the Capitol Hill riots, compared with 72 per cent in Canada.
The select committee investigating Jan. 6 is set to hold its next hearing Wednesday, likely the last before the midterms in November.
The poll, which surveyed 1,509 respondents in Canada and 1,002 in the U.S. shortly after the hearing in July, does not carry a margin of error because online surveys are not based on random samples.
A final report on the committee's findings is expected before the end of the year, but it's unclear if it will be released before election day Nov. 8.