CBSA seizes $600,00 and drugs at Rainbow Bridge

CBSA - RCMP drug bust border - Jun 5

An American driver was arrested after attempting to enter Canada with 181 kg of cannabis and over $602,000 US in his vehicle, at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls.

The RCMP says the driver was following GPS coordinates that were entered improperly. He took a wrong turn and ended up in the border line into Canada last month.

Because he didn't have a passport, he was referred for a secondary inspection.

That's when CBSA officers discovered the drugs and cash.

The man was arrested and turned over the RCMP.

Police say the cannabis was vacuum-packed and separated into numerous boxes. The cash was also found separated into bundles, and concealed in a safe, a suitcase, and a pelican case (hard-shelled lockable case).

Sixty-year-old Andrew Lee Toppenberg  of Tustin, California is charged with possession of cannabis, importing cannabis and possession
of proceeds of property over five thousand dollars knowing that all or part of the proceeds of property was obtained by a crime.