Close to two dozen charged in Caledonia land dispute

Land back lane-FB

OPP have now charged a total of 22 people over the occupation of a residential development site in Caledonia.

Police say some of the charges date back to early August.

Haudenosaunee demonstrators, who call the housing development at the centre of the dispute ``1492 Land Back Lane", have been camped at the site blocking construction from moving forward.

The group argues the land is part of The Haldimand Tract which was given to Six Nations in 1784, for supporting the British during the American Revolution, but was then sold by the government to a developer.

A recent court injunction ordered the encampment cleared, paving the way for police to charge occupiers.

A gofundme has been launched to raise money to help those arrested pay for their legal bills.

The gofundme states " These injunctions only serve as a colonial mechanism to dispose us of our lands and resources, which fundamentally violates our rights as sovereign Indigenous people. We will remain at 1492 and hold strong. We urge you to donate what you can to assist us in our legal fund to support Land Defenders facing current charges and any future charges that may result from the numerous injunctions against us in this particular issue."

So farthe fund has raised $125,000 of its $200,00 goal.