Community effort at popular Port Colborne beach to combat “unprecedented rates of erosion”


Some community groups are working together at Port Colborne’s most popular beach to combat “unprecedented rates of erosion”.

Niagara Coastal is restoring 6,600m² of coastal dune habitat at Nickel Beach, in partnership with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, the City of Port Colborne and VALE Canada Ltd.

On Friday, August 12, more than 600m of snow fencing was installed along the eroding coastal dune to help the dunes regenerate.

Some benefits of natural shorelines include filtering storm water runoff, providing habitat for wildlife, and protecting against flooding and erosion.

The coasted dunes have suffered from unprecedented rates of erosion in recent years, according to Blair Holinaty, Supervisor, Recreation and Marina with the City of Port Colborne.

The higher rates of erosion throughout the Great Lakes are being attributed to high water levels, more frequent and intense storm events, and decreasing lake ice cover.

The first phase of the restoration is now complete. Local organizations and community members will be invited later this fall to assist with the second phase of the restoration.