Community rallies around Port Colborne teen stuck with $30,000 city bill follow death of his mother


The community is rallying around a Port Colborne teen who lost his mother, and is now stuck with a massive tax bill.

The GoFundMe account which launched January 23rd has since raised over $8500 to help Kruze Ovenden.

The 19 year old's mother died last year after struggling with mental health issues.

The City of Port Colborne issued fines totalling over $30,000 in unpaid property taxes and clean-up fines to her beneficiary, who is her only child, Kruze.

The GoFundMe says the city and lawyers require payment in full before Kruze can take ownership of the house and will force a transfer under Power of Sale.

He says the money will help him pay for his lawyer, who is saying Ovenden should be protected from fines since there is a law stating the city has no rights to transfer a fine or punitive levy to another person.

A rally was held outside Port Colborne City Hall last night calling for the city to drop the fines, and show compassion to the teen.

You can see the GoFundMe account by clicking here.