Conservative motion to expand a carbon tax exemption to all forms of home heating fails

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Conservative motion to expand a carbon-pricing carve-out to all forms of home heating has failed to pass the House of Commons, despite surprising support from the New Democrats.

While NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh backed the motion, Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet told reporters before question period his party would vote against it.

The motion from Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre was defeated by a vote of 186 to 135, with the Bloc and Liberals standing opposed.

Poilievre, who has vowed to scrap the Liberals' signature climate policy if Conservatives form government, brought forward the motion after Trudeau announced a three-year exemption on the carbon levy for users of home-heating oil.

Trudeau has defended the carve-out as necessary given the soaring costs for home-heating oil borne by many households in Atlantic Canada, compared to the price of natural gas.

That move has led both Poilievre and Singh to accuse Trudeau of dividing Canadians, with Western provincial leaders calling for a similar break.