Cool, but above seasonal for Calgary

This is your regular reminder that a seasonally-normal high temperature at this time of year is still -1 C. That fact will come in handy!

Today, the entrance region of a new high is sweeping over us. It doesn't look all that pleasant an experience, from the upper-air perspective:

This afternoon, our temperature will plummet into the mid-single-digit negatives, but we'll rise back up from there. Note the overnight low and daytime high for today's forecast are doing that little turn on the catwalk; as this high pressure ridge sidles itself closer, we'll anticipate warmer days ahead.

Just in time for the weekend.

Gusts will press from the west at times through our Saturday and Sunday, bringing along another large burst of warm air in the process.

Then, just in time for Monday, another temperature drop is on the way. This one may involve a touch of snow. This wave-riding has been working out okay for southern Alberta!



  • Mainly sunny
  • Daytime high 0 C
  • Evening: cloudy, low 2 C


  • Mainly cloudy
  • Daytime high 9 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 5 C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high 11 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low -2 C


  • Mainly cloudy, chance of flurries
  • Daytime high 1 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 0 C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high 5 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 1 C

Jim in High River captured this amazing shot of the sunrise near High River on Thursday.

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