Councillor wants a look at secret document on governance reform in Niagara

Fred davies

Port Colborne Regional Councillor Fred Davies says Niagara needs all the information it can get on local governance reform. 

Davies is bringing a motion to Regional Council on Thursday night asking council to agree to reach out to the Premier and Cabinet to disclose a document that looked at governance reforms in Niagara, but has not been disclosed.

Davies says Regional councillors should be able to go through the sealed, Fenn-Seiling report, so they have all the pieces of the puzzle.

"We need to see what research they did. We need to see the footnotes, the references, the points of view that were presented and what happened in the report. Primarily because the governance issue is never going to go away in Niagara. We talk about it every single term. It seems to get put on the back burner again. There are legitimate reasons for us to have that discussion, but we can't have it in a vacuum.

The report was handed over to the provincial government in 2019 with recommendations on reform in Niagara.

The Ford government has now asked the standing committee on heritage, infrastructure and cultural policy to conduct a review of the two-tiered governments in Niagara and five other areas.