COVID-19 | Join the CareMongering trend


As in any crisis, there are those who rise above the fray and offer a helping hand.

And those involved in a new trend called CareMongering getting a shout out this morning.

Local CareMongering Facebook pages are cropping up, aimed at helping vulnerable members in our communities to make sure they have access to food, housing and healthcare.

In Niagara, the local CareMongering group says the site allows people to post request for aid or supports.

So for example, if someone is unable to fight the crowds at the grocery store, they can ask for help on the website and another user can then offer to go to the store to pick up needed items.

Others are offering dog walking services for people who have to self isolate.

If you need help or want to volunteer your time, go to CareMongering-Niagara on Facebook.