Dalhousie Yacht Club to review policies after Confederate flag spotted in neighbouring marina

CKTB - NEWS - Port Dalhousie Piers

The Dalhousie Yacht Club is going to review its policies after people visiting the Port Dalhousie Piers raised concerns with a ship flying the Confederate flag.

The ship, the Gypsy Lee, was docked at a neighbouring marina and the owners are not members of the local club.

Dalhousie Yacht Club representatives say they are pleased the racist flag was taken down.

In a social media post they say "The DYC are committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect, and, even though this incident did not occur at the DYC, it's prompting us to review our policies."

The flag was on display as many residents strolled along the piers for the first time in years after the official reopening last week.

While some organizations claim the flag stemming from the American Civil War is a symbol of Southern heritage, it serves as a stark reminder of slavery and white supremacy and has become popular amongst white supremacist groups outside the US, including in Canada.