Dilwali celebrants asked to adhere to COVID-19 gathering limits


GTHA Mayors and Chairs held their weekly Zoom meeting to discuss the implications of the new provinical framework for determinign COVID 19 restrictions.

The municipal leaders also issuing a special communication intiative to encourage those celebrating Diwali to adhere to public health recommendations on large gatherings.

In a release, the mayors say, given the large number of people in the GTHA who will celebrate the Hindu Festival of Lights this Saturday, they ask that they avoid gathering with people they don't live with and instead celebrate virtually.

Diwali, like Easter and Thanksgiving, is typically a time of large family and community gatherings.

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger says "During this challenging time, we must celebrate Diwali differently to help protect our families, loved ones and our community. This year, please remember that the safest way to celebrate Diwali is to do so virtually and to keep gatherings to only those within your household. We must all take the necessary the steps to prevent further spread of COVID-19 to ensure we can safely celebrate the Festival of Lights together next year.”