Disgraced St. Catharines vet no longer employed at clinic in Ontario's cottage country


A vet clinic who briefly employed a disgraced vet from Niagara, now says the doctor is no longer working at the clinic.

Doctor Mahavir Rekhi, the St. Catharines vet who was caught on camera abusing animals in his care, started working for a vet clinic in Bancroft, ON.

The owner of the clinic tells CKTB News Dr. Rekhi is no longer working for the Faraday Animal Hospital effective today.

Dr. Rekhi was suspended for 10 months by the College of Veterinarians in 2015 after video was released showing him hitting, and punching animals at his clinic in St. Catharines.

He reopened the Welland Ave. clinic in June 2017 with a large passionate group of protestors outside the building.

For many weeks he only worked one day a week, but eventually put the clinic up for sale in 2019.

Here is the statement from the owner of Faraday Animal Hospital in Bancroft: 

To whom it may concern:

When I hired Dr. Mahavir Rekhi to practice at my clinic I believed that people should be given a second chance to prove they have changed for the better. I understand that not every person feels the same way.

I opened my business in this community back in 1996, people in this community are like my family. As a community you have spoken and voiced your concerns and anger to which I have listened. 

Please be advised as of September 7th 2020 Dr.Mahavir Rekhi will no longer be employed at Faraday Animal Hospital.

To the community that I hold dear to my heart, I am sorry this was never my intention to upset you.


Dr. Satinder Singh


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