Donation will help Niagara students deal with the grief and loss of a loved one

sad teen

A donation to The Education Foundation of Niagara will help students deal with the loss of a loved one.

The RRPC Innovation Foundation made a 'substantial' donation to the foundation to provide clinical supports for DSBN students to help them effectively cope with grief and loss. 

“On average, by the age of 16, about one in 20 children will live through the death of a family member or significant person in their life,” said Dr. Amanda Sherman, Mental Health Lead at the DSBN. “Because of COVID-19, students have had to miss important rituals, routines, and rites of passage around death, like funerals and gatherings, or they’ve lacked social support due to physical distancing.”

“When we are thrust into dealing with grief without the pr oper supports in place, we can have a lack of healing in our physical, emotional and mental states which can overtime lead to a recurring cycle of grief. Providing this contribution to enable more students to access the DSBN mental health services to heal was just the right thing to do. As a Community we should be supportive of programs that assist in improving our youth mindsets. Our youth ar e our future and deserve to have access to supports in our Community to ensure they have opportunities to lead healthy lifestyles.” said Suzanne Court Founder and President of The RRPC Innovation Foundation.