Doug Ford says he's too busy with governing to campaign for Scheer

doug ford 2

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he is too busy governing to campaign with federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

Speaking today at an event in northern Ontario, Ford said he also doesn't want to interfere in the federal election he wants there to be a good race and to let the best party win.

Ford says he has worked well so far with the Liberal government and would work well with whoever is elected Oct. 21.

Since Ford's election last year his popularity has fallen, particularly after a spring budget that was rife with cuts.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has often tried to tie Scheer to Ford, suggesting that Ford's governing in Ontario is indicative of what a Scheer government would look like.

Scheer, meanwhile, does not use Ford's name when directly asked about the premier, preferring instead to criticize the former Ontario Liberal government.