Driver caught doing 74km/hr in Niagara's newest 'Safety Zone' other driver had open liquor

alcohol in car gen

In just three hours, the NRP pulled over 40 drivers, and even ticketed a driver for having open alcohol in a new 'Community Safety Zone' in Niagara.

Between 9 and noon today officers were looking for speeding vehicles on Victoria Ave. in front of Twenty Valley Public School in Vineland.

That area is now a newly enacted "Community Safety Zone" with a 50 km/h speed limit, and 40 km/h zone when the signal lights are flashing. 

Fines in these designated areas are doubled.

Police pulled over 41 vehicles and educated the drivers with warnings as well as a number of tickets handed out.

The top speed recorded was 74 km/h. 

In addition 2 drivers were required to provide breath samples into a roadside screening device. 

One of these drivers having open liquor in his passenger seat. 

Both drivers were within the limit and able to continue driving.

This Community Safety Zone is one of the two new zones enacted on September 3rd. 

The second zone is at St. Davids Public School located at 1344 York Rd. St. Davids.