DSBN distributes more than 4,000 Chromebooks to help with Learn At Home program

CKTB - NEWS - DSBN Learn From Home Chromebooks

The District School Board of Niagara has handed out over 4,000 Chromebooks to make sure students can continue to learn at home.

As kids transition to the ‘Learn At Home’ program while schools remain closed to enable physical distancing measures, the DSBN is getting ready to hand out 1,500 three month internet packages to students in need.

The supports were given to students for a variety of reasons: the family may not have had enough computers to enable the children to learn while the parents worked from home, or the family may have had limited internet access based on where they live.

Candace Allan and her three boys Liam, Peyton, and Jamie received some help after their one household laptop broke.

“This whole situation has been kind of a shock,” Candace says. “So, when the principal said she could give us the devices we needed, it was a huge deal for our family, and I’m really grateful.”

DSBN officials encourage any family who still needs access to technology to contact their school’s principal.