Ear Saver Mask Mates looking for donations of buttons and yarn

Ear Mates

A Niagara woman needs our help as she and others pay it forward

Lori Tokola, a retired nurse from Port Colborne, is with Ear Saver Mask Mates, a group that makes knitted and crocheted ear savers to help health care workers who have to wear masks all day.

She says she enlisted her 85 year old mother and others and formed a crochet team, which has since grown to 540 members across Canada.

She says across country they have about 7,000 orders pending and to keep up they need some help from us.

Each ear saver has two buttons, so they are in need of buttons, as well as yarn and makers who can either knit, crochet or sew.

If you can donate, or would like to volunteer, email Lori at earsavermaskmates@gmail.com