Elderly couple in Niagara victim of $22,000 gift card scam

gift card scam cp

The NRP's Fraud Unit is investigating after an elderly couple were scammed out of $22,000.

Police say it was on May 12th, 2022, when the suspects made contact with the victims through a “pop up” on their computer. 

The suspects then contacted the victims by telephone. 

The victims were tricked into believing that they were communicating with their bank, and directed to buy gift cards.

The suspects directed the victims to two stores in Burlington to buy $17,000 worth of gift cards.

The next day, the scammers told the couple to go to a drug store in Niagara Falls and buy another $5,000 in gift cards.

All of the gift card numbers were provided to the scammers.

There is limited information available about the suspects except that they were male and that one of them sounded to be in his 50's with an accent.

Members of the public who wish to provide information anonymously can contact Crime Stoppers of Niagara online or by calling 1-800-222-8477. 

Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards to persons who contact the program with information which leads to an arrest.