EMS chief says investigation is underway into case of paramedic who worked while sick with COVID

Niagara EMS-Twitter

The head of Niagara EMS explaining a media report questioning how a local paramedic ended up working while infected with COVID-19.

Kevin Smith says the report, that one of the service's paramedics was still on the job when he tested positive for the virus, is true.

Smith says how that happened is under investigation.  

He points out staff are required to self monitor and immediately report any signs of illness.

He says public health was notified when the paramedic told them about the positive test and it was quickly determined no member of the community was put at risk, with the infected paramedic always wearing full protective equipment while on the job.

The EMS chief adding as another precaution, they placed 26 other paramedics in self isolation .

He adds none of the 26 have tested positive.

The paramedic is one of five in Niagara to test positive for the virus to date.