Engine failure blamed for emergency landing for plane en route to Grimsby

CKTB - NEWS - 407 Plane 2021

Engine failure is being blamed after a pilot en route to Grimsby brought a plane down on the 407 north of Toronto.

The pilot, identified as Ibrahim, told police they had left the Buttonville airport and climbed above 2,000 feet before starting to experiencing engine failure.

He knew he wouldn't make it back to the runway, and decided to head for the highway instead.

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says the plane had recently been inspected, but was only in the air for a couple of minutes before the pilot started to experience problems.

There was no damage to the plane and no injuries were reported.

The eastbound lanes of the 407 were closed after the plane landed and a crane was called in to lift the plane onto a tow truck.

Police records show the plane is registered to the Caribbean Flying Club in Toronto.