ETFO chief says Regulation 274 another stumbling block in contract talks

CKTB-News-ETFO strike

As public elementary teachers resume one day rotating strikes today in Niagara, as well as at the Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre, it appears there is a new speed bump in negotiations between the union and the province.

At issue, "Regulation 274" which forces principals to hire occassional teachers with the most seniority for long-term and permanent positions.

ETFO president Sam Hammond has indicated both sides were close to reaching a deal, but the government wouldn't budge on plans to change the requirement

Hammond argues the regulation helps to hire qualified, experienced teachers and prevent nepotism.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce disputes that, saying what it does is put seniority over merit and potentially takes the best person for the job out of contention.

Lecce goes on to argue the regulation hinders efforts to bring in educators with diverse backgrounds.