Experts say Canada needs to move faster when adapting to climate change

forest fire

Dozens of experts advising the government on adapting to climate change say Canada's new adaptation strategy must move faster.
They say the government must shore up infrastructure against the threats of extreme weather and help Canadians recover from natural disasters faster.
The number of natural disasters hitting Canada has climbed from about 30 per decade in the 1960s to more than 100 a decade now.
Canada is again facing a summer with higher than average risks from forest fires and floods across much of the country.
The Liberals are promising an adaptation strategy by the end of the year to make the country's health system, economy and built environment more resilient to extreme weather.
Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault later today will launch the second and last development phase in making that strategy.
The first phase saw five expert panels submit advice to the minister and all say a lot needs to be done before the end of this decade.