Federal government introduces amendments to allow single-event sports betting

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The federal Liberal government is moving toward allowing provinces and territories to licence single-event sports betting.

This morning Justice Minister David Lametti announced the proposed legislative amendments, noting the federal government would maintain its role in overseeing pari-mutuel betting for horse racing.

Horse racing would continue to be regulated and supervised by the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency.

The amendment would let Canadians place bets for other sports in regulated environments online and at physical facilities.

Lametti says, "This Bill would also protect Canadians by taking profits out of the hands of organized crime and will help our economy by supporting jobs. These changes also create the opportunity to work with Indigenous people to strengthen their participation in the gaming industry."

Special Advisor to the Conservative Leader on Tourism Recovery and Niagara Falls MP Tony Baldinelli says the Conservatives have been pushing for this for months. "It's happening, but right now its happening in the shadows. You're looking at about $14 billion of economic activity. But right now it's all done almost illegal means. You're either doing it through off-shore website or through other illegal activities."

He believes the move will help generate jobs and support the tourism sector.