Federal government pledges $252 million to help agri-food sector

CKTB - NEWS - Trudeau May 5 COVID-19 address

Canada's agri-food sector is getting $252 million in help from the federal government.

Of that total, $77 million will be going to protect workers in food processing facilities who have been struggling with COVID-19 concerns.

The money will also help farmers raising animals but unable to process the meat as quickly as they did pre-pandemic and growers who have seen demand for their products drastically drop as restaurants serve fewer people.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says this is just an initial step and more help may be coming in the future.

The funding falls well below the $2.6 billion the Canadian Federation of Agriculture was asking for to help maintain food security.

Trudeau says "This is only an initial amount of support. We will continue to work with farmers, with stakeholders, with industry representatives, with provinces and territories to ensure that our food capacity in this country, and those people who work so incredibly hard every single day to feed Canadians get the support they need through this crisis and beyond."