Feds, provinces agree on vaccine passport for travel: PM

justin trudeau oct 21 21

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the provinces and the federal government have agreed on a new national vaccine passport for domestic and international travel, and many Canadians already have them in their phones and wallets.

The provinces and territories agreed on the look, feel and security measures based on the international standard for smart health cards.

Several have already begun to roll out the new proofs of vaccination, including Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Yukon.

It is distinguished by a Canada word mark in the top corner.

Trudeau says he's happy to confirm that all provinces and territories have confirmed that they will be moving forward with a standardized, national proof of vaccination.

In a technical briefing, government officials sais all provinces plan to have their version of the Canadian document available by the end of November.

The passport will be digital and feature a QR code that includes the vaccination history.

Paper copies will also be accepted.

The only health information contained in the proof of vaccination will be the holder's name and vaccine information, such as the type of vaccine, lot number, date of vaccination and the number of doses.

Canadian officials have been working with international travel organizations and border service agencies of top Canadian destinations to ensure the document will be recognized around the world.

Just because a Canadian has the new vaccine passport doesn't mean they'll meet the requirements to enter a foreign country though.

Officials say travellers must still check international advisories to make sure their particular doses meet vaccination criteria to enter.