'Flocking' in downtown St. Catharines, a fun way to fundraise in Niagara


The White House has been flocked.

Flamingos appeared on the lawn of our radio stations in downtown St. Catharines this morning as part of a charity fundraiser.

The Wise Girls Charity Fund dropped off the flocks of flamingos to Lori and Curtis, hosts of MOVE 105.7, as a fun way to inspire residents to take part in the event.

Participants can donate to have them removed, to find out who sent them, and also place them on someone else's lawn. 

It's a fun-filled way to get involved while raising funds for integral projects in the community, from Grimsby to Fort Erie. 

The Wise Guys Charity Fund donates 100% of funds back into the Niagara Region.

If you are interested in taking part click here.