'For the bozos in our communities, I just wish they would get with the program.'

CKTB - NEWS - Wayne Redekop

The Mayor of Fort Erie has some strong words for people who repeatedly defy COVID-19 protocols.

Wayne Redekop says the town has started to issue tickets to people who still don't get it.

"We had been trying to educate the public, trying to make sure that people were in compliance and that works. For most people, that works. But then there are the bozos that it doesn't work with and so we've had to start issuing tickets, regrettably. But the reality is it's to make sure other people are protected."

Redekop says there have been repeat offenders hosting large get-togethers and parties.

"For the bozos in our communities, I just wish they would get with the program."

He says one incident was even turned over to police.

Gatherings of more than 5 people are still banned by the provincial government.

In the meantime, Fort Erie council is also calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to keep limiting traffic at the Canada-US border.

Redekop also didn't mince his words about how the US has been handling the pandemic.

"It is a gong show, with all due respect to the Americans that I know and have a great deal of respect for. The US administration has managed this about as badly as you can possibly imagine."

Redekop says council has the support of other Niagara mayors, and he's hoping other border communities will do the same.