Ford government under fire for its new COVID restriction system

Ontario Colour coded COVID

Criticism of the Ford government's new colour coded COVID-19 restriction system continues with the Toronto Star reporting the province failed to properly consult with health officials before debuting the new five colour system.

In an exclusive report, the paper says the Ford Tories rejected advice from their own public health agency.

And despite Health Minister Christine Elliot telling reporters last week, the framework was designed in consultation with two expert advisory groups, one of those groups says they only learned the crucial details when they were released to the public.

The other group, the Modelling Consensus Table, says it was never consulted at all.

Experts argue the new system is too lax particularly in light of the increasing cases of the virus.

Under the framework, Toronto is set to enter the red zone on Saturday which would allow indoor dining, bars, fitness classes, casinos and bingo halls to reopen.

But the city's medical officer of health has stepped in and invoked her legal authority to keep all those businesses closed until the case counts start coming down.