Ford says municipal funding deal close to being finalized

Ford 3 _CTV

Premier Doug Ford covering a lot of territory during his daily media briefing.

Premier Ford telling reporters yesterday, the province's and Ottawa are close to a deal to help bail out cash strapped municipalities.

With revenues down, municipalities across Canada fear they will have to make some tough choices moving forward, either cutting services or raising property taxes.

Ford hopes they reach an agreement by the end of the week.

The Premier also weighing in on the decision to extend the border closure until August 21st.

Ford says in light of the surge of cases in the U.S., over 67,000 new cases yesterday alone, he is relieved Americans won't be allowed into the province.

But he also sees the closure as an opportunity for us to buy Canadian.

Ford noting companies have stepped up for us, now it's time for us to make the effort to buy Made in Canada and Made in Ontario.