Ford says there will be plenty of long weekends to come

COVID 19 Stay home sign-Asurobson

The premier is trying to hold the big gates back to cottage country.

A couple days after saying there was only so long he could stop people from travelling to their cottages, he has a new message for cottage owners  in advance of the May 2-4 weekend, "there will be plenty of long weekends to come."

A statement from Ford today doesn't explicitly advise cottagers not to visit their seasonal properties, but says there will be many other opportunities to do so, and right now health and safety is the province's focus.

The statement comes after the premier spoke to cottage country mayors yesterday who are asking people to stay away.

Ford adds those who do go north, should continue practising public health measures and not holding public gatherings, practising physical distancing and avoiding non-essential travel outside of the cottage.