Ford warns long-term care homes to ensure workers have access to PPE


Premier Doug Ford is warning long-term care home operators not to prevent their staff from accessing personal protective equipment as visitor restrictions loosen.

The premier says there is no need to hoard the equipment because it is now widely available, and the government will crack down on any homes found to be keeping PPE from workers.

The province said earlier this week that with COVID-19 cases dropping, it will loosen pandemic rules that have restricted visits to long-term care homes.

People visiting a resident outside a home will no longer need to attest that they've taken a COVID-19 test within the previous two weeks.

Indoor visits, which are currently limited to essential workers and families of palliative patients, will be permitted as of July 22, with a two-person limit.

Meanwhile, Ontario has taken over management of another long-term care home after it failed to bring a COVID-19 outbreak under control.