Ford warns that if case numbers surge he will rollback on reopenings


Premier Doug Ford is out with a warning that he will not think twice about re-imposing tougher restrictions if we see more COVID-19 cases.

Ford says he will not hesitate to re-impose tougher restrictions once again.

Ontario moved into stage one of reopening the economy, which opened up retail stores with street entrances.

The province reported 390 new cases today, increasing the total by 1.7 per cent from yesterday to 23,774.

There were also 43 more deaths, bringing that total to 1962.

The growth rate in cases isn't going down despite the completion of fewer than 10,000 tests in each of the past three days, which is less than half of the goal.

Ford says he was ``shocked'' by the testing numbers and says there is a plan to ramp it up.