Fort Erie looks back on the summer it started charging $5 to enter Bay Beach

bay beach live cam

Fort Erie is looking back on its first summer of new changes at Bay Beach.

Councillor Nick Dubanow says taxpayers were tired of paying for a beach used primarily by out-of-town residents, so that's one of the reasons they implemented the $5 beach entrance fee.

He says there were a few hiccups this year, but nothing major.

Dubanow says the fee didn't deter people from visiting the beach.

He says 5000 people signed up for the $10 season pass for local residents.

Fees are now lifted at the beach, and town officials will know how much money was raised by the fees in the fall.

The beach is now equppied with new washrooms following many problems last year.

The only incident this year to attract attention was a mother who was asked to leave the beach when she put up a sun shelter tent.

Tents are not allowed on Bay Beach, but umbrellas are.