Fort Erie Race Track has to push back opening day

Nikki Alderson riding to the wire

Fort Erie Race Track has had to push back opening day.

The Provincial announcement today delays the 2021 racing season that was set to begin on June 1st.

The track confirming that racing will be back when the province ends the lockdown and gives approval for horseracing to resume in Ontario. 

“Following the government’s announcement and keeping in line with the province’s COVID-19 guidelines, the track will remain closed for racing at this time,” said Drew Cady, general manager of the Fort Erie Live Racing Consortium. “We are ready to begin our racing season and will continue to work with Ontario Racing and the province to safely commence live racing as quickly as possible.”

When allowed the track will feature racing on Mondays at 1 p.m. and Tuesdays at 4 p.m.