Fort Erie SPCA speaks out in the wake of accusations of mistreatment of animals


The president of the Fort Erie SPCA has posted a letter on the agencies website, dealing with accusations of mistreatment of animals at the shelter.

The letter from Arthur King statesunfortunately there are some residents that feel the manager and employees are not treating animals with the best of care. Some of you may have read the allegations posted by a group of people on Facebook.

King says the board takes the allegations very seriously and has done everything possible to investigate their credibility.

He notes as time went on there were more allegations which prompted a meeting between the SPCA and the town's CAO.

King says the CAO appeared satisfied with their investigation and sent councillors a note saying if they had any concerns to ask the SPCA directly.

The board chief adding an SPCA investigator did recommend changes to the way they deal with wildlife which they have complied with.

The CBC reporting some of the allegations involved the way staff were euthanizing wildlife and not sedating them before giving them a fatal and painful shot to end the animal's life.

King's letter can be found here: