Freeland to face grilling over business aid as part of deal to fast-track bill


Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland will face a grilling tonight in the House of Commons over her government's latest bid to reshape aid to businesses hit hard by COVID-19.

Opposition MPs will have the chance to question Freeland for four hours about different aspects of the bill, known as C-9, and the country's pandemic-plagued economy.

Billions in federal aid has helped replace lost income and manage costs for companies facing revenue declines.

The aid package would change under C-9 by extending a federal wage subsidy until next summer, cancelling a previously-planned decline in its value, as well as expanding a popular business loan program.

The legislation would also redo a rent relief program that was widely criticized because its original design needed buy-in from landlords, many of whom did not participate.

The Liberals reached an agreement with opposition parties yesterday to fast-track the legislation through the House of Commons and have it passed by tomorrow.