Funny online post about Canada's hot housing market goes viral


A funny online post poking fun at house prices in Canada has gone viral.

Doug Newton from West Lincoln spotted a plastic playhouse picture online and then came up with the bright idea to make a fake real estate listing.

He says he wanted to lighten the dark mood online lately.

The post says the playhouse is for sale for $299,000 with a headline saying 'New Listing - Coming Soon.'

Newton joked that can you imagine how much the playhouse would go for in Toronto.

Doug Newton, Facebook

Newton says "So I find that most posts on FB these days are very negative so I do my be to post stuff in a positive or humorous light. This includes doing marketing for my online radio station called I use parodies and meme all the time to promote the business and people really enjoy them. It's a change from the everyday humdrum covid or complaints of everyday life. So when I saw this picture, I thought I can really do a run with this and the current housing market issues."