Gates slams billionaire businessman for allegedly cutting Clifton Hill workers' salaries

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Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates is calling out a local businessman for allegedly slashing the wages of some tourism workers.

Gates is asking that Premier Doug Ford demand billionaire Jim Pattison reverse 'severe wage cuts' to front-line Niagara Falls employees.

The MPP says Pattison is Canada's third richest man, worth 7 billion dollars, but he's slashing workers at  Ripley's Believe it or Not on Clifton Hill salaries to just above minimum wage.

Gates is asking Pattison to show workers respect for putting their health on the line for the company.

“I rise today to call out corporate greed in my community.” Speaking about front-line staff Gates added “We have a reputation for going above and beyond and delivering the vacation of a lifetime. The reason we have that reputation is because of the front-line staff, it is those front-line workers who risk their health every single day so they can keep these attractions open and ensure our guests remain safe.”

“Yet at Ripley's Believe it or Not on Clifton Hill - front-line staff were told that their wages were being slashed when they returned. You know who owns that site? His name is Jim Pattison. He's Canada's third richest man and he’s worth 7 billion dollars. I can guarantee you this pandemic hasn't put him at risk and that financially he's been just fine. Yet this billionaire is ripping wages away from our front-line workers,” said Gates.

“I am asking this Premier to stand with me and the people of Niagara Falls to tell Jim Pattison that this greed is unacceptable, to apologize to these workers and to give them the wages they had before the pandemic.”

“Jim Pattison - you have brave workers working right now that have made your fortune. Treat them with respect.”