Gates still pressing government on Niagara getting COVID-19 vaccines

gates thursday

Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates wants to know when Niagara will get its fair share of COVID-19 vaccines.

Gates brought the issue forward at Queen's Park, directing the question to Minister of Health, Christine Elliott.
“I asked two questions which should be simple to answer given how many months they’ve had to get this vaccine roll-out right – where did Niagara’s diverted Moderna vaccines go and when will they be resending us our fair share of those vaccines? One in four residents in Niagara is a senior and every one of those vaccines could save a life. There’s no reason not to have these answers,” said Gates.  
A batch of the Moderna vaccine, headed to Niagara, was redirected, but the government has not said why or where it went.

“If the Ford government think dodging these questions will make the residents of Niagara forget that our fair share of vaccines were taken from us, they’re wrong. These answers aren’t good enough and I’m going to keep asking until we get the truth,” said Gates.