GNGH second most over capacity hospital in province

CKTB-News- GNGH over capacity

Stats obtained by the CBC through a Freedom of Information request, painting a picture of just how overcrowded Niagara hospitals are.

The news agency reports GNGH in Niagara Falls is tied with Peterborough Regional Health Centre for the second most over capacity hospital in the province.

St. Catharines General ran at 99.5 percent capacity for acute care for the first six months of 2019, but was over capacity for 152 days for mental health care.

Part of the problem is the number of beds at hospitals across the province has stayed pretty much the same for the last 20 years, despite the population growing by 3 million people.

The CBC noting Ontario has fewer acute care hospital beds per capita than any other province, 1.4 for every 1,000 people, which is a rate in line with Mexico.

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