Go Fund Me started for families displaced by massive fire in Hamilton

Hamilton Townhouse fire

A Go Fund Me has been started for the 11 Hamilton families displaced by a massive fire.

Flames broke out yesterday at a townhouse complex in Winona that spread to 11 units.

A spokesperson with the Ontario fire marshall says the damage is so bad the units could collapse at any time.

The fundraiser, which was started by the Mazza Team, hopes to raise $100,000 all of which will go directly to the families.

On the Go Fund Me page, the group writes,  "We are sure that almost everyone has heard about the devastating fire in our community on Edenrock last night where 11 townhomes were completely destroyed and a 12th unit has had severe roof damage.  Luckily no human lives were lost but these families have lost their homes, some pets, all personal belongings, all cherished keepsakes, and all comfort.  We have started this GoFundMe so that these families are provided with financial support during this tragic time in their lives."

The Go Fund Me is entitled "Edenrock Fire Community Support."