Great Lakes communities could spend $275 million over next 5 years fighting climate change damage

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A new survey of Ontario's Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River cities, towns, and villages suggests coastal damage could cost at least $275 million over the next 5 years.

The University of Illinois' Applied Research Institute survey collected responses from 241 jurisdictions across eight US states and two Canadians provinces.

The data revealed shoreline communities have already spent $82 million over the past two years, but more funding will be needed in the coming years.

Chair of The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Walter Sendzik says climate change is exacerbating water level fluctuations. “High water levels, paired with severe storm events and wave action, are leading to greater erosion and flooding that threaten public and private properties, critical infrastructure, and recreation and tourism amenities in shoreline communities.”

The Initiative is calling for federal help for coastal communities responding to the threat.