Great Wolf Lodge officials continue talks with government on eventual reopening

CKTB - NEWS - Great Wolf Lodge

The reopening date of Great Wolf Lodge's Niagara Falls location remains unknown as officials continue to talk with provincial experts.

General Manager Keith Simmonds says they have an extensive reopening plan, but right now there has been no indication from the government on when they can welcome back staff and guests.

"They understand with 850 pack members here just in this little log cabin there is an impact. One thing I know for sure is we are going to reopen, we are going to howl again, we will get the pack back having fun, we just can't control that right now unfortunately."

Simmonds says Great Wolf Lodge has an 'extensive playbook', but reopening attractions like Great Wolf Lodge is not a priority for government officials right now.

Simmonds also says Thanksgiving, which is just weeks away, tends to be a big weekend for them.