Grimsby's CAO back at work today

CKTB - NEWS - Harry Schlange

Grimsby Town Council will be issuing a formal apology to the CAO after he was placed on administrative leave.

Last night Mayor Jeff Jordan read out the motion to reverse last week's decision regarding Harry Schlange.

"Whereas the administrative leave imposed on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 was not a decision of council, and whereas the mayor acted without consulting council, and whereas council confirms CAO Harry Schlange was not being investigated, nor is he being accused of any misconduct. Therefore be it resolved that council issue a formal apology to CAO Harry Schlange and be it resolved that Harry Schlange resumes his resumes his responsibilities as CAO."

The motion passed by a vote of 5 - 4.

The town clerk will also be hiring a third party investigator to look into any allegations that may arise from this matter.

It's still not clear why Schlange was put on leave in the first place.

Schlange previously worked as the Niagara Region's CAO before he found himself in conflict with councillors during Chair Alan Caslin's time.

From there he went on to work for the City of Brampton where he was eventually let go as Mayor Patrick Brown said they needed, 'a new leader to help us take Brampton to the next stage in our community’s future.'

He then worked as Norfolk County's CAO before taking the job in Grimsby.

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