Growing complaints about Service Ontario wait times


We've seen the long lines at Service Ontario locations in Niagara and heard your complaints.

CKTB News reached out to the province to find out what effort is being made to reduce the wait times for you to renew your driver's licence or health card.

In a response from the office of Government Services Minister Lisa Thompson, we were told they have been working closely with public health to ensure the safety of staff and clients without disrupting critical services.

In order to reduce the pressure on front line workers, the government has extended the validity period for a variety of products including drivers licences.

The minister's office also noting there are now over 40 services available online and the list is growing in an effort to reduce in person wait times.

If you do have to go to a Service Ontario office, the province say you will be assigned a time ticket which allows you to return to the office at a later time that same day, without having to line up again.

Customers are also invited to check the ServiceOntario website prior to heading out to a centre and confirm if the office has reached capacity.